Baby Massage FAq's

Got a quick question but not a quick moment to ask? I hope these help! 



Q: How soon can I start baby massage? 

A: Baby massage can be started right from birth and once your doctor has happily sent you all home. 

Q: What if my baby is sleeping during the sessions? 

A: It's important for your little one to sleep as much as they need and as we don't massage sleeping babies, I provide extra dolls for you to practice the strokes on. This way you'll know what the strokes feel like before you go home and try. 

Q: My baby is cluster feeding, am I still ok to attend?

A: Absolutely! The sessions are entirely baby-led so I encourage feeding if they're getting hungry. You're welcome to feed in the room or if you'd prefer, you can use the venue's facilities. 

Q: My baby is starting to crawl, are they too big to come along?

A: Having a mix of ages is always lots of fun, so crawling babies are always welcome. We go through various positions and adaptations to make sure both you and little one are comfortable and happy - for example, for the more curious babies sitting up whilst being massaged is an option!   

Q: How many are babies are on one course?

A: On my courses, I take up to a maximum of eight babies. This helps to provide a more intimate and calmer space for massage and the topic discussion each week, and it also means I'm able to give my fullest attention to everyone in the room. 

Q: Why is it a 5-week course and not a one-off session?

A: The course gives both you and your little one the time to slow down, adjust to a new setting and the new sensation of massage (as both givers and receivers), which couldn't all be done in just one session with an unpredictable baby! The 5-weeks also help you to feel more at ease by seeing familiar faces each week and creating a little community from the group. 

Q: My baby has a medical condition, can we still take part in baby massage?

A: Baby massage is completely adaptable and suitable to the needs of all babies. As part of my IAIM certification, I've been trained to work with babies with special/additional needs and premature babies. If you have any questions around this, please feel free to get in touch and I'll do my best to help answer them.  


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